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Starting a Freelancing Business From the Ashes of 2020

Hello, My name is Brandon Rhea and this is the beginning of my story - kind of. I've started my own freelancing business because, like many, I lost my job working for Phoenix Fan Fusion due to COVID-19. Even though I start my story today, this chapter of my journey began back in March of 2020.

Since being let go, I've applied easily to 150+ job applications where 5 have led to interviews, 2 got to the 2nd round, and zero to being hired. It's hard to think that all of the time rewriting my resume, sprucing up my portfolio, updating my work history on job boards, writing dozens of cover letters and following up on so many emails has led to nothing. The things I've been taught like putting in the work, taking the initiative, and following through has fallen to the waste side when it comes to applying to jobs. I know I'm not the only one looking for a new career path but, it's been really discouraging to put so much time into hunting for jobs for it to lead nowhere.

Like many, I applied for unemployment and I started getting assistance a few weeks later. Once a week I would make my claim and answer the questions to receive the allotted amount. The section to submit completed job applications was disabled for obvious reasons. I knew better than to waste my time and not be looking for a job and to just sit on unemployment - it's not in my character. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the money I received from unemployment; it helped pay the bills but that's about all it covered.

After only 2 weeks of job hunting and hearing nothing back, I knew I needed to find my own source of income. With a little brainstorming of the knowledge and skills I have, I came up with Digital Concepts. Now, I have 3 current clients and 4 past gigs that put food on the table. I've found love with the freelance work that I've done and as hard as it is to say it, I'm glad COVID-19 was the push I needed to become my own boss. My goal for my blog is to share my experience, my content, what I learn, and my mindset "during these unprecedented times." (I'm over hearing this phrase. When can we go back to precedented times)


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